Higher National Diploma (HND) is obtained from Polytechnic schools, while Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is obtained from Universities.

Polytechnic students in Nigeria have suffered due to unconstitutional dichotomy created by some disgruntled occultists in Nigeria for their own selfish interest. This act has gradually killed Nigeria technical education and caused this country more harm than good.


Some of these Discrepancies are as follows:

  1. Inequality in salary Grade Level (HND: GL 07 & B.Sc.: GL 08).
  2. Security personnel; B.Sc. (Commissioned), HND (Non-commissioned)
  3. Promotion: HND (maximum of GL 14), while B.Sc. (Unlimited).
  4. Banking/Financial institutions treat HND holders like slaves.
  5. Sc. holders employed as Admin staff, while HND holders are kept as cheap staff.                                           

The Top up BSc program is designed for holders of Higher National Diplomas (HND), Higher National Certificates (HNC), Higher Diploma (HD), Associate or Foundation Degree, in a Computing. This is a transfer of credit program where student’s prior credit hours taken are transferred and top up for BSc degree at partners’ Universities. The program may last for a minimum of one year (Spring, Summer and Fall) depending on the number of credit hours which will be eligible for transfer to our partners’ universities degree curriculum. Students are required to complete at least 15 credit hours selected from a list of the core and required courses offered. All students prior to graduation must carry out some scientific research project supervised one-on-one by a faculty member.