Educrown Group is a leading international educational services provider with nearly a generation of experience creating effective and sustainable solutions to raise students’ achievements. As one of the renowned educational and management consulting group in West Africa, our tradition of innovation and education reform heritage brings a unique perspective to our partnerships with schools, districts, organizations, and charter boards and authorizers.

Educrown Consulting Services

Educrown Consulting Services provides equal opportunities for individuals with regard to obtain qualitative and quantitative education, research, training and development of personal and public importance to ensure links between information technologies and overall development globally.

We offer education management services, business assessments profile initiatives, feasibility report, marketing research, sales and marketing of products and services, procurements and supply educational materials, stationery, business development services business and recruitments of teachers and lecturers for schools ranging from Nursery/Primary to tertiary institutions across West Africa and promotion and advertisements of schools and colleges.

ECS is devoted to the preservation, increase, and application of knowledge. Programs offered are designed to provide a working knowledge of principles and procedures which are fundamental to the roles of managers or executives.

Educrown Global Logistics Limited

Educrown Global Logistics Limited
…prompt & excellent delivery services

Educrown Global Logistics Limited has been one of the leading international freight forwarders specializing in logistics business. With years in the business, we take pride in our expertise and knowledge of the industry. We handle shipments from any point from the United States, UK, China, India, South Africa to anywhere in Nigeria. Every shipment is considered in a way that is the most advantageous and cost effective to you the shipper as well as your customer. Each shipment is treated in its own unique way.

Our team believes in personal service. When you contact us by phone you will be greeted with a friendly voice and not an automated system. You will personally speak with one of our dedicated export specialists, who will provide the information and guidance needed to make sure your shipment goes as smooth as possible. Having a well formidable team with over 10 combined years of experience in the freight forwarding business, we know that your success depends largely on correct handling of your cargo and documents. ECL strives to make you, our customer satisfied.

Educrown Consulting Limited:

Educrown Consulting Limited is a professional education consultancy firm, gives unlimited study opportunities across the Globe. ECL helps students to make the right overseas education decisions. Our expertise in the field of overseas education has made us a time-tested resource in helping students to gain admission for suitable courses in recognised universities across the globe.

At ECL, we generate innovative building and campus planning solutions that address institutional priorities. We define the strategy and the management principles and practices that drive effective space-planning decisions. We translate the vision, curriculum and desired learning outcomes of stakeholders into effective teaching, learning and research environments.

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, we cultivate strong relationships with our clients, which include universities, polytechnics, colleges, government ministries, education boards and agencies, and architectural firms.