Leadership Training


Not a day goes by when most professionals and leaders do not need to influence others to achieve their goals. Whether in project teams working with people who are not your direct reports, negotiating internally over shared resources, or solving challenging problems involving cross-functional groups, influencing is a critical part of today’s workplace.

Executives assuming general management responsibilities face unique challenges of leading cross-functional teams, defining strategic directions, and making decisions in high-pressure situations. The Leadership Training Programme is conceived to help cross-functional leaders effectively face these challenges. Through interactive sessions that include role playing, simulations, and case studies, executives preparing for or already in general management roles get the tools they need to lead more effectively.

General Managers face broad responsibilities that challenge even the most talented and effective executives. The Leadership Training Programme shortens the learning curve by developing the skills needed to achieve excellence as a cross-functional executive..

You will learn to inspire and lead others by better understanding yourself and how you relate to people and situations.

The Leadership Programme will develop your personal leadership skills, helping you to achieve your professional goals and deliver results for your organisation.