“Our programme’s competitive advantage is that, we are truly international; in our global approach to the curriculum, our faculty and student profiles plus the fact that our schedule allows busy executives the possibility to complete the program in one year.”

We designs Executive MBA programme for high-potential senior managers who have extensive work experience in their professional areas and seek to enrich their academic and professional background with a formal MBA training and understanding of the global business setting. This programme is guided by the principle of belief in adaptability, change and growth. The programme is delivered in a format that will meet the needs of full-time working business executives.

This unique programme has an integrated and strategic emphasis that incorporates many recently-initiated innovations in business education. The curriculum presents business concepts in a way that breaks down traditional functional silos and promotes more integrated framing of business issues. Each course stresses practical application of concepts through examples, case studies, and best-practice presentations (from specially selected practitioners) that highlight how the most innovative firms are addressing the complex challenges of a rapidly globalizing world economy.

Beyond courses that cover core business concepts, the curriculum features special topics sessions and advanced seminar courses to give students a sophisticated grasp of contemporary regional and globally relevant business practice. EMBA candidates work in teams on course assignments during the sessions.

The candidates for the Executive MBA programme are drawn from around the country and are connected by a common desire to accelerate their careers into the top ranks of their companies. Students are selected and recommended by their companies, which will demonstrate a strong support and commitment to MBA candidates’ professional growth and investment of their time and energy to complete the program requirements.


Programme Mission

Our mission is to transform management practice in Nigeria through offering high quality graduate executive education. We value integrity, intellectualism and humility.


Programme Objectives

Learning Goals and Objectives (Overarching goals that serve as the main outcomes that all students should obtain upon concluding their time with the Executive MBA Programme)

In keeping with our Mission is to “to provide high quality business education to a diverse learning community through innovative teaching, research, and support,” the members of the Executive MBA professional team and faculty actualize five key learning goals by interacting with our students and the greater community.

These learning goals are designed to facilitate and foster broad perspective that translates to awareness and cognition leading to productive and positive application of business skills. In combination with corresponding objectives, the following overarching goals identify the main outcomes that students should demonstrate upon concluding their time with the Executive MBA Programme. Because EMBA students are required to have minimum of 5 years work experience before entering the programme, and as admissions standards are more stringent than with the regular MBA programme, graduates are expected to demonstrate a corresponding higher degree of professionalism.

The Graduate Curriculum Committee has considered the following goals and objectives and provided input and guidance in their development which includes:. The five learning goals and corresponding objectives for the Executive MBA Programme State are to develop: