Executive Development Programme in Business Management (EDPBM)

Understanding the art and science of general management now and in future

In today’s rapidly changing competitive environment, executives must be adept at moving quickly out of their comfort zone to build new capabilities as leaders. ALU School of Business’ Executive Development Programme in Business Management (EDPBM) prepares fast-track executives for moving from mastery of one area to a broader role. Participants not only expand business acumen in key areas, but also engage in competitive strategy simulations that dramatize the connection between management decisions and business results. At the same time, a leadership workshop reveals how each participant’s style impacts group culture and process.

EG’s Development Programme in Business Management is created to meet the needs of senior executives, translate the latest information gained from research into action programs and to gain a broader view of the changing conditions around the world.

The curriculum is designed to cover a broad range of functional areas in order to sharpen general management skills and expose participants to areas of management in which they may have limited experience and to enhance each participant’s strategies thinking leadership, and interpersonal skills in order to help them to be more effective leaders.

Executive are under far greater competitive pressure now than ever before. They gain most from an executive management program that allows them to step back from their work and get new perspectives and tools in order to stay current. Specialists who have risen to positions in general management need to acquire skills that help organizational and functional areas of management.