EG Executive Seminars

We provide executive training and development through our fully accredited partner universities

Our courses are given as 2- or 3-day seminars and provide a cost-effective way for professionals to:

  • strengthen their management and leadership skills (Management and Leadership Seminars)  and
  • to understand the broad implications of environmental sustainability and social impact and their relevance for the business of today and tomorrow (Business Sustainability Seminars)

The EG Executive Seminars integrate the latest management thinking and provide tools and techniques to enhance individual and team performance in all business areas.

We provide companies with the opportunity to take any seminar as a customized training designed to address specific needs and interests.

EG creates a highly effective learning environment where seminar participants interact and acquire knowledge and skills through practice. Our experiential learning approach includes group assignments and presentations, case studies, real-life simulations and guest speakers.

Upon completion of each seminar, participants walk away with practical knowledge and directly applicable skills that allow them to enhance their career development.