Effective Communication Skills for Sales and Customer Service Professionals

The key to success for various sales and customer service roles is understanding the personality styles of their customer and then tailoring the sales approach to fit the person. Our communication training can help your customer service or sales team members better understand how to effectively communicate with different personality types.



With an understanding of how to identify the communication styles of others, sales and customer service staff are equipped to:

  • Read prospects and customers more accurately,
  • Communicate in “their language,” and
  • Avoid the miscommunication which results in lost sales and missed opportunities.

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Build Understanding and Skills to Address:

  • How styles impact the quality and success of client/customer relationships;
  • “Why did they say that?” – anticipating client/customer responses;
  • Preventing lost opportunities due to unintended miscommunication; and
  • Making “profitable” adjustments – creative ways to immediately build strong rapport with prospects and customers.


Workshop Objectives:

  • Understand which style responds best to your own – and how to adjust your style to maximize prospect and customer potential.
  • Identify specific approaches with current clients that will improve the quality of your next meeting and shorten the overall sales cycle.
  • Learn to use communication skills to cultivate repeat business, increase purchases, and create customers who will remain loyal to your business.

Through interactive learning experiences, self-analysis and small group work, your team will make important discoveries about their interactions with others that can be integrated into any prospecting, presentation or negotiating environment.