Distance Learning Education


Since the 18th century millions of people around the world have undertaken some form of distance education. Now, at the dawn of the 21st century, the mounting use of computers and the Internet in facilitating learning seems likely to provoke an explosion in distance learning. Certainly, these technologies are radically (and rapidly) changing the academic, industrial, and economic milieu.

Distance education–essentially the practice of delivering educational materials in a manner that does not require students to be in the same room as their teacher–is not a new concept. For example, correspondence courses by mail and lessons by television have been popular modes of distance education for years. But with personal computers delivering the latest lesson plans directly to a person’s home or office, the need to physically attend a nearby evening course after a hectic day at work is becoming distinctly less attractive.

Our partners’ distance learning programs enable students to seek recognized qualifications offered by these Universities, though delivered locally.  It builds in face-to-face components such as bringing dispersed students in for occasional tutored group meetings at a study centre. Conversely, the central provider send travelling tutors to the learners at the same time enter into agreements with Educrown Group as a local education support.  Every year, over a million students from all over the world choose to study for a US, UK degrees to enhance their careers and knowledge. Our global universities offer opportunity to study for US, UK degrees outside of the US/UK through part-time study, distance and online learning. This means that you can achieve all the benefits of a US/UK education without any disruption to your career.