If you do not have the time, the patience, or the resources needed to develop a strategic business plan of professional caliber, then Educrown Group is the answer.

A current and well-designed formal business plan is the foundation of any successful business, and is instrumental in securing funds for your business.  Educrown Group’s Formal Business Plan is a summary of how you, the business owner, intend to organize your enterprise and implement activities that are necessary for your venture to succeed.  It is a written explanation of Your company’s business model that explains in details your product/service offerings competitive environment revenue projections, cash flow projections, cash expenditures and required funding

A Formal Business Plan prepared by Educrown Group is important in focusing your organization on what needs to be done— from staffing requirements, to budgetary constraints, or expectations for revenues and profits.  The Formal Business Plan defines tactical operating/marketing plans along with budgets.  Your Formal Business Plan, developed by Educrown Groupis based on the direction provided by your Strategic Plan.  It becomes a valuable dual-purpose tool. It provides clarity to you and your management team in guiding the enterprise, and it becomes an effective communication vehicle when convincing interested investors or lenders to invest their money in your venture.

An Educrown Group prepared Formal Business Plan enables you to better assess your overall business needs.  Your Formal Business Plan helps you better determine the cash requirements needed to grow your enterprise while providing a detailed, day-to-day “roadmap” for operating and managing the growth of the enterprise.  Educrown Group’s proven business planning methodology brings structure and an in-depth thought process to your innovative ideas that will ensure a successful reality for your venture.

The benefit of the Educrown Group Formal Business Plan Service for you, the business owner, is the fact that Educrown Consulting is an independent business resource of skilled and experienced senior business executives that helps you interpret and clarify your vision, goals and desire for your company. Then, our staff of researchers and writers transforms your vision, goals, and desires into a working set of documents.  The Educrown Group integrated approach to business plan development produces the highest quality written description and financial projections of your business venture.

Educrown Group uses a structured five-step methodology to analyze, research, and develop your comprehensive Formal Business Plan documentation and interactive investor presentation.